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The Deskla

Designed for Tim Draper and his start-up club Hero City at Draper University, and built by East Bay Muscle Cars. The Deskla makes a strong impression when you walk through the door. You're greeted by the aggressive styling of the LED headlights, and the perfect Batmobile Black finish. More info after the jump.

The Deskla is a reception desk designed from a Tesla Model S. The working LEDs, USB, and electricity are all powered through the factory charging port, using the factory cable. The desk is complemented by front seats turned task chairs, complete with the company logo embroidered in the headrest.

Custom leather and wood panels add texture to the gloss desktop, which is color matched to the Tesla wheels. The silver trim is a nod to the interior design of the Model S. Below the desktop are carpeted panels that hide a switch for the lights, 6 USB power ports, and 3 120V outlets ready to charge anything.

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Bare Minerals

This was a full redesign of every fixture. The package acted as a hybrid between the existing look and the launch of the future look. This created a transition for a handful of stores opening before the final designs were implemented. More info after the jump.

The design also extended into the outlet and wholesale sales channels. They needed a refresh to align with the new boutique look, which drives strategy for the brick and mortar locations.

We worked with multiple manufactuers across North America and Asia to value engineer and produce each store. Careful consideration went into both client and employee interaction with the fixtures. For the employee this meant putting equipment and tools in easy to reach places, without wasted movements. For the clients it meant facing them toward the product as they are being served in a clean and inviting space. We did multiple material tests to find the best surfaces for the makeup bars. This was to ensure they are easily cleanable and highly stain resistant.

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The Heritage Collection

This collection is our first entry into a production furniture line. Heritage consists of a sofa in two sizes, a bench, a coffee table, and a wine rack in three sizes. More info after the jump.

The angle of the steel in the wine rack is repeated in the stretchers of the bench and coffee table. It’s brought into the sofa through the loose bolster that can double as lumbar support.

The entire collection is made from recycled and reclaimed materials when possible. It’s left minimally finished to showcase the patina of the wood and fabric, and the beauty of steel.

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