Strategic Design Development

How do you want people to feel when they walk into your space? How do you want your employees to feel, the public, your investors? How do you want your employees to work? Cross functional teams, project functional teams? Defined Departments? Open? How do you want your customers to interact with your products?

The strategic design and planning centers around the 3 C’s: Collaboration, Concentration, and Community. These micro-spaces are designed to be intuitive and functional.

Custom Furniture and Fixtures

What makes each space unique and personal are the custom pieces used and showcased throughout. These can be both aesthetic and functional pieces. We will work with you to design one of a kind fixtures that set you apart.

Combining your custom elements with sourced production pieces creates a well rounded design, one with fun and individual style and high function.

Project Management

There is a lot that goes into a finished product or space. Vuolo Design is your project manager for all contractors necessary jobs to finish a project. We work with the top architects, manufacturers and general contractors in the Bay Area. We only work with LEED certified companies and individuals. All of the materials are sourced with extreme care. Vuolo Design has an obligation to the environment in which it produces to leave as little a footprint as possible.

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